When my twin girls turned 1, I started to feel like I looked… well, old. I’d already battled adult acne, and after motherhood, it seemed like those zits got replaced immediately by fine lines! 

Plus, the bags under my eyes looked constantly tired. I didn’t want to accept this dull, exhausted skin as my new permanent reality, so I finally decided to treat myself to an appointment with an esthetician – and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that it completely changed my life. 

I felt like myself again, and I was thrilled to discover that aging gracefully is truly an option!



Hi, I’m Jennifer – better known as MomGlam. 

The Glam Den is for you if:


You’ve tried what feels like every skincare product on the market, but you’re still not seeing the results you crave. 

You haven’t felt beautiful or confident in a long time, and you miss feeling good in your own skin. 

You’re ready to invest in yourself for the first time in years, but you have no idea where to start when it comes to quality skincare services. 

You want to stop relying on topical cover-ups and instead cultivate healthy skin from the inside out. 

Getting healthy skin through my own esthetician visits brought me so much joy and hope that I knew I had to help other mamas feel the same way. 

I studied to become an esthetician myself, graduated at the top of my class, and have been totally obsessed with healthy skin ever since. I’ve built a business that’s founded on cutting-edge, medically sound technology while still offering a luxury spa experience. 

MomGlam Aesthetics offers that magical mix of pure relaxation and real results. 

- Mysha S.

“I just had my first facial in a long, long time. For some reason it’s classified as “extra”. It’s not. It is for sure self-care, especially now. I don’t share a lot, but this year has been extra hard, no details, but it’s just been A LOT. My facial by @momglam was therapy. Guys, I cried. It was nurturing and cleansing in so many ways. I feel like stress, anxiety, and depression was stripped from my face. And weight lifted off my shoulders. She truly blessed me, and empowered me. The next photo is unfiltered happy, with a clean glowing face!” 

- Gracey-Hope H.

“JEN! I woke up feeling better than ever!!!! My skin is still so freaking glowyyyyy! Thank you love you so much you’re amazing!

- Shannon L.

I am just loving my GlamDen Glow!

- Lindsay B.

Car-line selfie. You're seriously the one and only skin goddess.

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