At MomGlam Aesthetics Spa, you’ll find so much more than just a feel-good facial.

 Award-winning Licensed Esthetician Jennifer Barlow and her team offer the very best esthetic services in Franklin, TN using revolutionary beauty technology.

 Our spa offers facials, skincare, hair care, and spray tans that will give you the REAL skin and beauty results you’ve been searching for. 

We are passionate about helping moms (and all women) in Franklin, TN and surrounding areas feel and look their absolute best every single day. 




Book a customized facial, expertly tailored to your skin’s specific needs, and get ready to glow. 

Get that sun-kissed glow without sun damage with a warm-spray, scent free  MomGlam tan. 



Check out a list of my favorite products and partners for a shopping experience you’ll never forget. 


Ever looked in the mirror and felt like you were aging before your time? I’m Jennifer, and that’s exactly how I felt after I had my twin girls. I finally decided to treat myself to an appointment with an esthetician, and it completely changed my life. I felt like myself again – and like the glowing, beautiful mom I wanted to be. 

I knew right away that I wanted to help other mamas feel the same way. I studied to become an esthetician myself, and in the years since, I’ve built a business that’s founded on cutting-edge, medically sound technology while offering a luxury spa experience. 

My clients are my heroes and my BFFs, and I could not be prouder of MOMGLAM Aesthetics if I tried. 

There’s something truly magical about showing women just how beautiful they truly are – and have always been. 


- Mysha S.

“I just had my first facial in a long, long time. For some reason it’s classified as “extra”. It’s not. It is for sure self-care, especially now. I don’t share a lot, but this year has been extra hard, no details, but it’s just been A LOT. My facial by @momglam was therapy. Guys, I cried. It was nurturing and cleansing in so many ways. I feel like stress, anxiety, and depression was stripped from my face. And weight lifted off my shoulders. She truly blessed me, and empowered me. The next photo is unfiltered happy, with a clean glowing face!” 

- Gracey-Hope H.

“JEN! I woke up feeling better than ever!!!! My skin is still so freaking glowyyyyy! Thank you love you so much you’re amazing!

- Shannon L.

I am just loving my GlamDen Glow!

- Lindsay B.

Car-line selfie. You're seriously the one and only skin goddess.

 Step into the world of MomGlam Aesthetics, our all-pink spa designed to pamper moms and make them hot AF. Once you step inside, Jennifer, your beauty BFF, guides you on a personalized journey of self-discovery, unveiling your inner beauty and radiance.  


Set up your beauty consultation to discuss your current skin and your glowy goals. 



Enjoy your professional treatment at the spa and start your at-home skincare regimen. 


Love your results, feel hot AF, and tell all your friends about that new MomGlam glow!

Making moms

feel as beauitful

as they truly are.

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