What if you could get paid like a QUEEN to make women feel beautiful in just 12 weeks?

What if in a few weeks from now, you were opening your very own doors to your dream job? 

Can you imagine the confidence you would gain serving high-paying, ideal clients without having to split the profit with a boss? 

How great would it feel to make the kind of big-deal income that actually provides for yourself and your family generously, instead of working to survive and barely scrapping by?

Having your own successful esthetics business can pay you boss dollars while doing work that betters the lives of your favorite people, letting you live your passion every single day. 

95% of new businesses  fail...

Even in the super-competitive skincare industry! 
That’s why I want to give you all my tips and secrets to make your dream of owning a wildly profitable esthetics business a massive success too. 
But how? You may be asking yourself…

  • I don’t even know how to get started?! 

  • How do I get high-paying clients that keep coming back?

  • How can I stand-out in such a saturated and competitive industry? 

  • How do I become a successful entrepreneur if I’ve never done it before?

  • How do I make the kind of money I’ve always dreamed by doing what I love to do? 
Can you imagine having the kind of income that could make you easily become the breadwinner of the family, while proudly owning a business that became a local hot-spot? 

If that came true, what would happen? 

  • You’d be able to live the beautiful life you have always wanted, with the means to truly care for yourself and your kids 

  • You would love going to work every single day

  • You would feel valued and appreciated with a thriving business that would give you so much confidence and personal satisfaction 

  • You could set your schedule and live life truly on your terms 

  • You’d be an entrepreneur, a business woman, and an example of what’s possible to your children and female peers

  • Your passion would become a reality and you would start truly living a life of design, rather than just surviving every day

Here's the facts:

but mine didn't.

The 12-week course that teaches estheticians (or estheticians-in-training) how to own a skincare business and get paid like a QUEEN

This course includes everything you need to start making money doing what you love to do! 

How to Create a Six-Figure Esthetics Business

If you have dreamed of owning your own business but want to get paid as much as you truly deserve, I have THE answer to get you what you want:

  • 12 Weekly video modules to walk you through step-by-step how to create a skincare business from scratch

  • How to get clients to walk through your doors

  • How to design the type of esthetics business you want and services you provide 

  • How to market yourself and stand out in a competitive industry 

  • How to price your services and get paid the big bucks

  • How to continue to evolve and grow your business into an empire 

Here’s what you get inside the How to Create a  Six Figure Esthetics Business course:


My journey and how you too can make the big bills doing what you love 


 Name Your Business 
How to pick the perfect name and start your legacy


Pinpoint Your Client
Discover the customer that will love walking through your doors 


Create a Specialty 
Become known as THE master of your craft


Stand Out From the Crowd
Transform into the business that everyone is instantly drawn to


Attract Amazing Customers 
Where to market yourself and how to bring in high-paying clientele 


Keep a Clear Focus 
How to ignore distractions to accomplish goals quick


Provide Excellent Customer Service
Impress your clients and watch the rave reviews flood in 


Listen to Your Customers
 Assess clients’ wants, needs, and problems 


Sell an Experience 
Create unforgettable moments that will attract loyalty  


Find Your Dream Tribe
Build a team of allies that will fast-forward you to your goals 


 Evolve into Your Empire 
Grow from baby business to a full-fledged big-time brand 


Each module includes a video for additional business secrets and homework assignments to fast-track your success! 

Purchase now at the pre-launch pricing and get the course at a discounted for only $97.

The course will be officially available on June 15th, 2022 and will be sold at its regular price of $197. 

But buying the course now during its pre-launch, you SAVE $100 while having access to the course and all it’s training materials for the life of the course!

I'm so ready to buy!

Mom of four, GLAM Esthetician, Owner of The GlamDen Esthetics Spa, & Founder of the MOMGLAM Brand.

I went from being a broke momma that Dermaplaned my very first clients in my house on my guest bed (yes, for real), to a successful business woman with an award-winning medical spa and a six-figure esthetics brand! 

Guess what- YOU CAN TOO!

And I want to let you in on a little secret…

You don’t have to be the smartest, prettiest, most-talented esthetician in the world to make a six-figure income and create the business of your dreams. 

All you need is a little faith and the determination to do the work that I teach you in inside the How to Create a Six Figure Esthetics Business course. 

Hey, I'm Jenn!


Are you ready to start your own esthetics business and make that big girl money? 


When does the course start and finish? 

By buying the course now during it’s pre-launch, you’ll get it at $100 OFF and have lifetime access to it starting on June 15, 2015. Once the course is live in June, it runs for twelve weeks- but don’t worry- you’ll have forever access to the course so you can always complete it at your own pace. 

I just bought the course during it’s pre-launch 
at it’s discounted price. When will I receive 
the course by email?

The course will launch June 15, 2022 and you’ll get it by email then! Yay! 

If I wait until the launch date in June, how much will the course cost then?

On June 15th 2022, the course will launch and will no longer be discounted. The course will cost $197 in June and may become more expensive in the future, as the training in the course that I am offering is truly priceless. 

I am not an esthetician, can this 
course still work for me?

I designed this course to work with the beauty industry in mind. While it’s targeted towards estheticians, we skincare experts go into all sorts of beauty fields. If you want to specialize in lashes, brows/microblading, spray tans, waxing, professional makeup, or any other skin/body enhancing field- this course is absolutely perfect for you. And while I am not personally a cosmetologist (I am a licensed esthetician), I believe our fields are similar enough that this course would also be a huge help to cosmetologists wanting to open their own successful beauty salon with any type of hair services. 

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you buy it, you’ll get access to it forever! Yay! All the more reason you should buy it now while it’s at the low discounted price! 

Are refunds available?

No, there are no refunds once you purchase the course.

Will I have a successful esthetics 
business once I complete the course?

While I can’t legally guarantee business success for you, I can promise that if you do the work, you’ll see results! There is no other guide as comprehensive, in-depth, or strategically designed for estheticians and beauticians to create a successful practice. This is an invaluable resource that can help you achieve your dreams if you put in the effort. 

What if I want additional help or have more questions?

You can contact me anytime and I’d be happy to help! Theglamden@yahoo.com